How it works.

Name the time and the place.
We deliver.

1. Start by booking in good time to make sure Walley is available for your dates.

2. Rent the system for the best price and prepare the graphic files for production.

3. We print and mount the banners to make it ready for your event.

The system can be delivered to you or you can choose to organize it yourself.
Then, it’s just a matter of having all the permits and location ready for Walley’s arrival.

An operator will be made available with the system in order to handle the installation and packing up process. It only takes about half an hour before your Walley is set up.

1. Renting

We’re offering a fully functioning system together with a specialized operator to make things easy for you.

2. Production

Printing and mounting your artworks on the system is our job.

Download print requirements

Also Consider

3. Location

Choose a proper location considering the technical requirements.

All legal permits need to be obtained beforehand.

4. Transport

A truck and driver have to be hired to deliver Walley on location. We can provide this for you.

5. Insurance

To cover any possible injuries and damages that may occur, we strongly advise you get specific insurance.

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